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This previous week was my orientation for the school. A long one at that. I walked in and they took my picture..and it looks horrid. If anyone wants to see it I can show you how constipated and handicap I look. I went to the dude who took it and made him take like 238293832 more pictures and chose the one I liked best. I still look handicap and fat. There are 27 students for the class of 2009 and they are all female..sheesh what a surprise! I found out the schools giving me a total of $13,000 in grant money for my gpa and theres a MI grant i'm getting for another 4,000 so that pays for like 17,000. i also get about 9,000 of my loans interest payed for be the government. it could be a lot worse. i was expecting no help..

We all seem to have mini clicks already. I already know one girl because we worked together..and she knows another girl..so we have our own little group for now. We sit at lunch and point out who the cutest dental students are. Yeah...not attracted to the idea of dating a soon to be dentist though, haha.

I have some weeks off this summer so thats going to be nice. My "big sister" hygiene student gave me all the exams/quizzes and notes from her past year so it will be a lot easier for me to get through this year of hell. The clinic is cool though and we get to use little dummies to work on before we work in the clinic.

I hope i don't get funky bags under my eyes from lack of sleep. i kinda notice them as it is when i smile a certain way. why are girls so critical? !
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