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I could get used to waking up this late every day

i was getting ready to go to bed last night at 4am when i flipped the channel and there was an episode of animal cops from Detroit. This poor dog was neglected and starved in the cold and I had to stay up another hour to make sure he survived. I get really sad when they don't make it...but luckily they did everything they could and he pulled through. I feel bad because I think the only reason they did anything was because cameras were there. If not, the poor dog would have probably been put down. He was really lucky.

Last week was good. I had sushi for the first time in forever, I went to the beach (spf bajillion), I danced my ass of at luna, i went to woodward and drank all night only to find the bar tab crumbled in a ball by the slickest bartender and thrown in the trash can, and I enjoyed summer like anyone should. I hope this week is just as good.

On a side note, Zodiac is a really good movie. Kind of creeped me out though in some parts.

Time for a shower.
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