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when can I be independent?

So I have less than 6 months to go before I graduate and get swallowed in a mass of students loans. Somehow that is the least of my problems right now....

My mother broke the news on halloween that my uncle from Arizona was going to be "temporarily" moving in with my family because he went bankrupt and has absolutely nothing to his name except his car and what belongs in it. He is a massive alcoholic that also happens to be diabetic (diabetes doesn't even run in my family..he abused himself THIS bad), and has the worst diet I have ever witnessed. He has a very perverted mind and does not refrain from saying things you should never even consider saying to a family member, and because of this I have avoided looking at him or even attempting to make conversation. He got here late sunday night so it's been 6 days since he has been here. He cannot walk because he got an infection in his leg that concerned doctors (they wanted to amputate it). But no, he decided that a procedure like that was too intense..So hey! lets walk around with a rotten leg. He has a 2L bottle of vodka he drinks in the spare bedroom, 1 in his car, and one he keeps in the kitchen to openly drink in front of the family. Who allows this?! My parents. They are way too nice and almost don't know how to approach the issue. Finally my mom freaked out one day and told him he was tearing our family apart with his problem so he just went upstairs. Personally, I would love to kick him out and tell him to live in his car. I also love how ill be in my room enjoying my morning cup of coffee and I can hear him through the thin walls of my house in the bathroom puking. When i wake up for school and take a shower he decides he needs to get up to go to the bathroom too..so I have to be careful leaving my the bathroom or the pervert will probably see me in my towel. Now i have to change in the bathroom...and my brother cannot sleep because my uncle stays up until 4am shouting at the tv..drunk.
Joe and I came late on thanksgiving because we visited his side of the family first. First thing my boyfriend sees is some creepy guy (my uncle) walking to his car...to drink.

Needless to say, I haven't been home much. My brother has not been home much. I think we've gone on strike to the idea of accepting this as a proper homelife.

My mom just walked into my room almost crying about it. She's waiting for my dad to do something...but my mom invited this creep into our house so I think the least she can do is voice her opinion. I understand her side because he is blood, but I don't think she understands what it's like inviting an alcoholic into the family. This should have been a family decision.
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