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who needs drama

These past couple of months have been really undeclared as to whether I am in a relationship or not, but the more time progresses it's becoming clear what things are coming down to: relationships suck, especially long term ones that go absolutely NOWHERE. For the past couple of months it's been seeing him but really not having any special feelings, and now it's just silly dramatic phone calls and me contemplating what I've been continueing...why bother. Perhaps it's intimacy I feared giving up, but I have cut ties from that for the past month or so. I thought perhaps a trip to Chicago would help us become closer since we've been so distant, but as everyone has known, Joe is the most unreliable person that ever set foot on this earth. The lame phone call last week with false hopes of a nice escape outside of this hellhole we call Michigan is now looking like it may very well not happen. "I'd like to go during the week" gives me the assumption "hey, let's request time off work during the week" and then finding out yesterday that you can only go on a weekend and come back during when I should am supposed to be back at school tells me you planned this half assed and think your work priorities are above my school obligations. You are so fucking lame. Go...far away...in a cave...or something...

on a lighter note..

my hair looks cool again.
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