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Today has been pretty horrible to say the least. It was one of those days what started off as a typical shitty day where you just shrug it off and know that tomorrow will be a better day...but then on the way home from school I checked my phone to find a voicemail of my mom crying and telling me to call her as soon as possible. I called back and she told me to get home right away.

I get home to see my sister and one of my cousin's car in the driveway...warning me that the news was worse than I had initially assumed. I walk in the house to see them sitting at the table and my mom tells me it's about Aunt Donna. She died in the hospital this morning.. Apparently she had been there since Sunday, but my uncle decided he did not think the situation had been serious enough to tell the family. The problem started off as her going to the hospital having bronchitis..then she developed pneumonia and some kind of spread of bacteria occurred that effected her systemically...all of her organs shut down...and she just died...at 3am this morning. I don't even feel like this day really is happening exactly. She was only 52. I keep crying because I never expected something so horrible to happen. I never handle death very well. They still technically don't even know what caused the death to occur randomly so an autopsy to confirm things. It's going to be a rough year..:(


R.I.P. Aunt Donna...I'll miss you dearly
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